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Post Date Headline
09/14/2014-11:21:AM PST Current heat advisory extended through Tuesday evening
09/12/2014-06:45:PM PST Heat Advisory Saturday Morning Through Monday Evening
08/19/2014-09:00:PM PST Boil Water Order Completely Lifted - Rincon Water District
08/17/2014-10:28:PM PST Boil Water Order Partially Lifted - Rincon Water District
08/15/2014-09:10:PM PST Boil Water Order – Rincon Water District
07/06/2014-12:20:PM PST Banner Fire 100 Percent Contained
07/05/2014-08:54:AM PST Banner Fire 90 Percent Contained
07/04/2014-07:40:PM PST Banner Fire 70 Percent Contained
07/04/2014-09:42:AM PST Banner Fire 40 Percent Contained
07/03/2014-07:30:PM PST Banner Fire Evacuations To Be Lifted at 8 p.m.
07/03/2014-06:32:PM PST Evacuation Site Moved Back to Julian HS
07/03/2014-05:33:PM PST Banner Fire Partial Repopulation
07/03/2014-01:30:PM PST New Evacuation Site for Banner Fire Near Julian
07/03/2014-12:20:PM PST Brush Fire Near Julian
07/01/2014-05:00:PM PST CAL FIRE Suspends Burning, Restricts Shooting Due to Fire Hazard
06/22/2014-04:20:PM PST Rocky Fire Update (Elfin Forest)
05/19/2014-03:45:PM PST County Launches Recovery Assistance Hotline and Email Address
05/18/2014-07:15:PM PST County School Districts to Resume Classes on Monday
05/18/2014-07:10:PM PST Camp Pendleton Road Openings and Fire Containment
05/18/2014-11:10:AM PST All Fire Evacuations Lifted
05/18/2014-10:05:AM PST Cocos Fire 85 Percent Contained Highway 100 Percent
05/18/2014-08:40:AM PST Camp Pendleton Evacuation Orders Lifted
05/17/2014-07:20:PM PST Cocos Fire Last Shelter Closing
05/17/2014-06:15:PM PST Cocos Fire Partial Repopulation Plan
05/17/2014-12:28:PM PST Camp Pendleton Fire and Evacuation Update
05/17/2014-09:31:AM PST Cocos Fire 70 percent contained
05/17/2014-12:10:AM PST Camp Pendleton Fire Update
05/16/2014-11:10:PM PST Partial Repopulation Plan for Cocos Fire
05/16/2014-09:55:PM PST Initial Damage Assessment Released for the County
05/16/2014-04:27:PM PST Partial Repopulation in Cocos Fire
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