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Post Date Headline
02/28/2014-10:00:AM PST Severe Winter Weather Update
02/26/2014-02:30:PM PST Winter Storm with Heavy Rain Potential
01/23/2014-01:40:PM PST Red Flag Warning through Friday, January 24, 2014
01/16/2014-04:00:PM PST Red Flag Warning Extended Through Friday, January 17th.
01/15/2014-02:30:PM PST Red Flag Extended
01/12/2014-03:20:PM PST Red Flag Warning through Wednesday, January 15, 2014
12/13/2013-03:50:PM PST Red Flag Warning Issued for the Weekend
10/06/2013-06:45:PM PST Red Flag Warning Issued for Friday through Sunday
10/02/2013-06:50:PM PST Red Flag Warning Issued for Friday through Sunday
09/27/2013-01:00:PM PST Red Flag Warning Issued
09/09/2013-05:50:PM PST Lyons Fire Update
09/09/2013-03:00:PM PST Two Active Wildland Fires
09/07/2013-04:30:PM PST Update: Borrego Springs Power Outage
09/07/2013-10:30:AM PST Borrego Springs Power Outage
08/27/2013-11:10:AM PST Sandbags Available in Julian and Borrego Springs
08/22/2013-07:39:AM PST 3.6 Earthquake Hits San Diego County
08/20/2013-03:30:PM PST Homes Evacuated in Small Brush Fire East of El Cajon
07/25/2013-06:00:PM PST Lake Fire
07/11/2013-07:30:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 8
07/10/2013-06:15:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 7
07/10/2013-04:13:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 6
07/09/2013-06:40:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 5
07/09/2013-10:10:AM PST Chariot Fire Update 4
07/08/2013-06:15:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 3
07/08/2013-05:05:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 2
07/08/2013-03:05:PM PST Chariot Fire Update 1
07/08/2013-09:50:AM PST Chariot Fire Evacuation Notification 7-8-13 7:00 am
07/08/2013-06:58:AM PST Chariot Fire
06/16/2013-07:46:PM PST Tierrasanta Brush Fire
06/03/2013-05:12:PM PST I-805 Closure
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